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Why Choose Mahjong King?

mahjong king, mahjong table features

Durable Quality

Mahjong King prioritises quality, which is what differentiates our products from other cheap knock-offs. All of our automatic mahjong tables are quality tested and backed with 6 months warranty. We are pleased to have a reputation of zero complaints about our automatic mahjong tables thus far.
mahjong king, mahjong table features

Quiet & Noiseless

Our automatic mahjong tables shuffle mahjong tiles quietly. The tiles aren't knocked against each other, creating a more peaceful and quieter environment. Your neighbours will have no reason to complain about your late night mahjong sessions ever again!
mahjong king, mahjong table features

Compact & Foldable

Having space constraints? No worries! Because our automatic mahjong table can be manually folded and tucked away, taking up just a small amount of space. Our table is also able to fit all HDB homes comfortably without being an obstruction. Just fold it up and store it away when you're done playing!

Dedicated Service

Purchasing an automatic mahjong table from Mahjong King entitles you to repair, refurbish, and maintenance services. We are a reputable company with years of experience that isn't going to vanish the next day. We are furnished with a comprehensive service and repair centre that can help you with all services. Count on Mahjong King to give you the best mahjong experience for years to come!

Quality Assurance

Mahjong King is the market leader for Automatic Mahjong Tables in Singapore. All of our mahjong tables are tested with the highest quality standards and have gone through our stringent quality control protocol before being dispatched to our beloved customers.

Authentic Components

Our years of experience with automatic mahjong tables helps us to differentiate counterfeit components from original parts. All of our automatic mahjong tables are equipped with authentic interior parts to provide our customers with a smooth and uninterrupted mahjong experience for years to come.
Automatic Mahjong Table


The Champán is Mahjong King’s pride and glory. This premium automatic mahjong table’s names originates from its exceptional shade of champagne gold and it’s reputation for reliability.

The automatic mahjong table’s manual foldable functionality makes it the preferred choice for small spaces. Accompanied by its sheer elegance, it’s no wonder that the Champán effortlessly beautifies interior environments even when folded away.

There is no question about the dependability of this automatic mahjong table. It’s a higher quality model with more stability and better reliability. No more unnecessary breakdowns, no more infuriating jams. Its low volume when shuffling tiles never fails to open up opportunities for late night mahjong sessions.

Scroll down to watch the automatic mahjong table in action!

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About Mahjong King

Super satisfied with Mahjong King’s Champán. A new set of tiles pops up every time you finish a round. Can play twice the number of games per sitting! Investing in the Champán was most definitely the best decision!

Bought a cheap automatic mahjong table from another seller some time ago, but tiles kept getting jammed and we eventually shuffled tiles manually. Made the smart decision to give Mahjong King. Their price is slightly more expensive, but the quality is definitely worth the money.

Paid a visit to Mahjong King’s showroom. It’s a small space but got to see the table in action. Table’s performance was impressive for a demo set and the staff was very helpful and informative! Bought one home and never regretted it since.

Thank you Mahjong King, for serving me with patience and understanding, and even going out of your way to change the colour for me. Made an appointment with them on the same day I called, purchased on the spot, and received it the next day. Seriously impressed. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends!

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